How to create my profile listing page

Here’s how to create a listing page to be booked for live streaming performance.

1. Login to your account on our site

How to create artist listing ss


2. Go to Add New Listing

Once you have logged in, you will see your name on top of the page. Please move your mouse over your name and a menu will appear.

Click on the Artist Section menu item and then a sub-menu will appear. Click on Add New Listing from the sub-menu.

How to create artist listing ss1


On Add Listing page, you will see a few sub-pages and the first page is the Information page.

3. Fill-in Information page

Enter your stage name, band name, or your service name in the Title text box.

Next, enter some description about yourself/band/service in the Description text box. You can use the formatting tools (bold/italic etc) to make your description looks nicer. Please describe yourself in the third person. For example, begin your description with a sentence such as “Joann Smith is a singer in Boston,” rather than “I am a singer in Boston.”

If you wish to embed your YouTube videos together with your description, place the YouTube link as it is, without any hyperlink (no blue text). See the screenshot below.

How to insert YouTube links in LiveKrowd listing page


If you wish to embed your SoundCloud or Spotify songs, please go to your SoundCloud or Spotify URL and copy the link.

soundcloud SS1

And paste the URL link below your description (either after your YouTube video links or before). Ensure the link is not hyperlinked (without the blue text).

soundcloud SS2

Choose Type of Artist and Time Zone from the dropdown lists. Once you are done, click Continue button.

How to create artist listing ss3


4. Fill Pricing page

Enter Price Per Hour that you wish to charge for weekdays and weekends. Also, you may select the days to apply the weekend pricing. You may choose Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as your weekend or just Saturday and Sunday. The price is based on USD currency.

Here’s a recommendation on the hourly rate you should set.


How to create artist listing ss4


The Extra Services is for any add-on services you’d like to offer your clients when they are booking you. For example, you could allow them to add a band to perform with you, add a guitarist or pianist, or add an extra camera or visual effects. You also need to specify the additional fee for the add-ons.

Click on Add More button if you want to add-on more extra services.


How to create artist listing ss5


Once you are done, click Continue button.

5. Fill Media page

In Media page, you can add your beautiful images and also 1 YouTube video link as well.  You can drag and drop your images (as many as you wish) into the dotted box or click Select and Upload button.  The minimum size for each picture is 1440 x 900 px.  After you have uploaded your images, click on the star icon to set the featured image. Click the trash can icon to delete the image.


How to create artist listing ss6


Copy another YouTube video link and paste into the video URL text box. Click Continue button to go next page. Click Back button to go back to the previous page to do any changes.


How to create artist listing ss7


6. Fill Features page

Please select your song genres by clicking on the option box. You can choose as many genres that suit you.

Please select your languages.  You can choose multiple languages as well.  Click Continue button to continue next page.


How to create artist listing ss8


7. Fill Terms & rules page

This sub-page allows you to enter your terms & rules for the clients if you have any. Please leave all blank if you do not have any terms & rules.

Please enter the minimum hours for booking and also select the start hour and end hour for your local hours when you can perform.  Please enter additional rules or information if you have any.

This is the end of Add Listing page. Click Submit button to submit your listing to LiveKrowd.


How to create artist listing ss9


8. View your listing

To view your listing, please click on Artist Section menu item and then click on My Listings option.


How to create artist listing ss10


You will see the listing that you just created with the status Waiting For Approval.  You won’t be able to see your listing until LiveKrowd has approved it. Once approved, the status will be changed to Published.  To view your listing, please click on your name or the right arrow icon.


How to create artist listing ss11




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