Difference Between Live Streaming and Live on Stage for Business Outlets

Difference Between Live Streaming and Live at Venue for Business Outlets

Let’s consider this scenario – your bar, club or restaurant is badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic. You are thinking of ways to recuperate months of lost revenue. Takeouts and delivery orders could only stretch your business so far.

Perhaps having live music performance at your venue did not cross your mind because that would incur exorbitant costs. But, you might want to consider the online version of it. Here are good reasons why you should.

You don’t need to invest in a stage or expensive audio and visual equipment

Since the live performance will be broadcasted online, the only cost that you perhaps need to invest in is having LED TVs in your bar, club or restaurant. To get the flatscreen connected to the Internet would only need an HDMI cable connection between the TV and your PC or POS system which should already be WiFi connected (a minimum of 3 Mbps download speed would suffice). Or you could use a wireless option via a Miracast or Chromecast dongle (Miracast is more affordable than Chromecast). You would then access the stream via the private URL given by the artist you booked and perform a screencast from your phone. Below is a quick tutorial on how to do it.

If we do the math, the minimum investment you need to fork out for an entire virtual gig setup would be (prices taken from Amazon),

  • One 40-inch LED TV = $150
  • One Miracast dongle = $25
  • Wifi with Internet = you probably have it already
  • Mobile phone or PC = you probably have it too
  • Online singer for a 1-hour gig = $19
  • TOTAL = under $200

Private live streaming is dedicated to your business outlet only

Unlike the public live streaming videos that you saw on YouTube and Facebook, private streaming is dedicated to your business and your customers only. It is not available for the rest of the world to view because it is hidden. Although online artists may use the same streaming platforms to live stream to your outlet, these streams are either unlisted from YouTube or Facebook search tool or set to private so that only you could access it.

This would result in a more up-close-and-personal experience between your patrons and the virtual artists. In such closed-door virtual event, you and your guests will have the chance to make song requests, song dedications. The online singer and musician will often mention your business name and your customers’ names who posted on the live chat. Thus, you should expect engaging interaction between the online performer and your guests. This is the killer difference between broadcasting a live streaming video compared to playing recorded music videos or videos from past live concerts from artists. Below are video clips from our past online gigs exemplifying live streaming interaction.

The artist fee is dramatically lower

Because of the reduced cost and time in traveling and preparation, virtual artists often charge a lot less to perform via live streaming than on stage. We’ve seen prices that are 70% lower than standard performance fees. Some are even willing to offer free live online gigs for your venue. Some broadcast directly from their home studio while some actually drive to a nearby music studio.

Our online singers and musicians do understand live streaming offers a comparable experience analogous to watching a live sports game on TV while being on stage closely resembles the experience of watching at the stadium. Hence, live streaming is in no way killing the livelihood of their music career. In fact, it enhances their profession and popularity by empowering them to perform anywhere in the world.

You can book any online singer or musician from anywhere in the world

You are no longer bounded by only hiring local musicians and singers to perform at your venue. The world’s artists are waiting to be booked – as long as they have a sufficient Internet connection.

Lead time to book online singer or musician is shorter

Performers often need advanced lead time to plan and travel to locations to perform live. Live streaming is taking this away by making performance virtual. They no longer need to do long hours of rehearsal or soundcheck sessions at venues. Most are already done at their own studios. This makes virtual singers and musicians much more convenient to book.

It gives reason for people to visit your outlet

Let’s talk ROI (return of investment). F&B is a competitive business so bars, clubs and restaurants should always be looking for effective ways to attract more customers. If it costs you $80 to hire an online singer to perform for 2 hours, and it leaves you with $80 more than the usual sales you make during the same day and time, you’d already achieved your ROI.

Ultimately, the point is to give a reason for customers to come to your business outlets than your competitors. That reason should be the live music you offer. Promoting the virtual event can be via your social media channels or a poster outside your venue. Usually, the artist themselves will help you to promote the gig too. After all, it’s good publicity for them. Do remember to ask them to mention your social media handles when posting without adding the link of the stream.

If you’d like to consider booking live streaming artists, please take a look at our online singers and musicians who are ready to perform to you virtually anywhere in the world. 

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