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Difference Between YouTube Twitch Facebook Instagram Periscope and YouNow - 2020 Updated

Difference Between YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and YouNow For Live Streaming (2020)

Here’s a comprehensive comparison of 6 free platforms to do live streaming. We take into account namely YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and YouNow. We analyzed the differences in their most useful features online broadcasters would need such as the need for a user account to view live streams, option of using live streaming software […]

How to Set Up Live Streaming From PC as Musician - Complete Guide

How to Set Up Live Streaming for Musicians and Singers on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch – Complete Technical Guide

Here’s a complete technical guide to set up your desktop or laptop to live stream as a musician or singer. The entire cost to set up is virtually free. It is meant to help you create live streaming gigs that look and sound professional unlike those using your phone or built-in mic on your PC. […]

Difference Between Live Streaming and Live at Venue for Business Outlets

Difference Between Live Streaming and Live on Stage for Business Outlets

Let’s consider this scenario – your bar, club or restaurant is badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic. You are thinking of ways to recuperate months of lost revenue. Takeouts and delivery orders could only stretch your business so far. Perhaps having live music performance at your venue did not cross your mind because that would […]

Difference Between Public and Private Live Streaming

What is Private Live Streaming and Why Should Singers and Musicians Care

Live streaming is quickly becoming a new norm in this social distancing era as scientists are foreseeing that COVID-19 will not be over so soon. They predict it will take about 2 years for this pandemic to end and that is too long for singers, and musicians who depend on the income when they perform. […]

Misconceptions Between Live Streaming and Live On Stage

Difference Between Live Streaming and Live On Stage for Singers and Musicians

Live streaming is still a relatively new territory for musicians and singers but due to the current trends in social distancing and travel restrictions, many performers are putting more thoughts into becoming online singers and musicians. We hope to attract more aspiring virtual artists to venture into this new virtual performance world with global income […]


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