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Oliver Sylo was accompanied by the music from day one. Influenced by his father, he learned to play the piano at an early age. A little later the electric bass was added, which resulted in various activities in bands.

In 2000 the Freiburg native found his great love – the Technics-SI 1210. From then on there was no going back.

Originally House was the thing he liked the most, but over the years he has clearly developed in the direction of the more technoid sounds. Due to local heroes at the time and his insatiable thirst for new sounds, he then began to play in the Universal DOG, where scene greats like Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Carl Cox and Chris Liebing regularly shook hands.

In the following years, Gigs played as a resident at Sea You (Freiburg, GER), the Drifters Club (Freiburg, GER) and the Fusion (Lärz, GER). With his inimitable cordial nature and the perfect feeling for the right track at the right moment, he soon gathered a fast growing and very loyal fan base around him. “You don’t always have to stick your sound through, a DJ has to read and serve the audience,” says Oliver Sylo. His sound is versatile, driving, melodic, technoid, groovy. And we love it.

But hunger drove the young Oliver Sylo on, hanging up alone was no longer enough for him. And so he developed from a DJ to a producer. In the meantime Sylo has released on RunDeepRec., 3000 degrees, Supdub, Wired Music and some others.

But Oliver Sylo would not be Oliver Sylo if he did not put his home here at the center of his work. And so in 2016 he founded his own label “Heimatliebe Records”. The name says it all, here local heroes regularly show their skills and show that activity in smaller urban areas away from Berlin is also an important tribute to the scene. This also impresses international artists. In recent years there have been releases from Anina Owly, Thomas Klipps, Herrmann Hesse and Linus Quick.

Oliver Sylo, Locamlatador, DJ, producer and heart man. He shaped the scene in the southwest significantly and still does so today. It is clear that his story is far from over here. We look forward to further great deeds by a special man.

Oliver is currently available for live streaming booking at an introductory price. This is for a limited time only!


  • Hourly: $49
  • Weekends (Sat & Sun): $49


  • Type: DJ
  • Time zone: GMT+2



  • House
  • Techno


  • English
  • German


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December 2021

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