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Born in Ghana and raised in Canada, Ohemaah is a prolific songwriter, singer, and classically trained musician. Ohemaah wrote her first lyrical song at the age of 9 and has been writing ever since. She has shared the stage with the Grammy award-winning rapper Da T.R.U.T.H., Mali Music, Nichole Nordeman, KJ52, and Social Club to name a few. Her professional music career began in 2012 when her performance of her original song Walk The Line won her the runner-up award for Overall Singer-Songwriter at AMTC SHINE Conference – Winter, 2012. “To win a trophy at such a big event like that made me realize what I had in my hands,” says the artist. Walk the Line went on to be released as a single and music video.

Ohemaah has written over 200 songs and composed for short documentary films. She writes music that inspires hope, fusing passionate lyrics with eclectic instrumentation. Growing up she was inspired by the musical style of her mother – well known Ghanaian Gospel star Barbara Mensah. Her father, also a talented musician, encouraged Ohemaah to cultivate her musicianship and was strict about her piano lessons from a very young age. “My parents are both musicians, so I grew up in a family that valued music. They enrolled me in the Royal Conservatory of Music for piano lessons when I was 5 and wouldn’t let me quit when I wanted to quit piano in junior high. I have God and them to thank for putting me on this path.” She is heavily influenced by South African greats like Hugh Masakela, Miriam Makeba, and Jonathan Butler.

Ohemaah often pushes the envelope of creativity in her productions, infusing pop with jazz and world musical styles as she is inspired. “My mind wanders and I express it in my music. Some of my musical ideas are weird but I roll with it.” She produced her first EP, Symphony, in 2011 and formed the band Ohemaah & The Fellas in 2012, which can be heard on her 1st full-length studio album, Beautiful Day. She released both the single Bring Our Hearts Home and the music video for Beautiful Day while in school pursuing a Masters Degree.

​”It’s about heart. It’s about bringing a message to the world that the world needs. That’s why I sing, write, play, produce, record. That’s why I do it all” she says. Ohemaah holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.



  • Type: Singer (Solo/Duo)



  • Acoustic
  • Pop/Rock


  • English


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