We Empower Artists To Perform Globally Via Live Streaming

LiveKrowd is a performing artist booking platform allowing artists to be booked anywhere in the world to perform virtually


We enable you to book any artists from any where in the world without the confinement of your city or location.


To empower global artists to perform globally via live streaming beyond borders and cities. There's no limit to where you can reach.


Our virtual artists performing via live streaming are more affordable than having them performing at your venues. It's like watching live football on TV and in the stadium.

Our Story

We started by performing virtually to hospitals during COVID-19 pandemic

We, 1Krowd SAS, were running virtual concerts for hospitals and medical centers around the globe to motivate and boost morale among medical workers and patients while they battle the coronavirus.

As reported by CNN and Forbes, morale is low and they need our support. Since artists are not performing due to lockdown, they could entertain and boost morale of frontline medical workers and patients by live streaming to hospitals and medical centers.

During this outbreak, our live stream viewing time increased by 222% and total views have gone up by 86%. Average viewing time grew by up to 3 times over.

Meanwhile, due to this pandemic, artists and live performers are in dire financial straits due to cancelations and postponements of their events to up to one year.

Thus, the success of this virtual concert initiative encouraged us to launch this artist booking platform. We’re enabling global artists to be paid to live stream to businesses all over the world thus sustaining their livelihood. They could perform virtually for private events, weddings, restaurants, bars and even churches.

As live performance revenue continues to grow as a major source of income for artists, we feel that it is ready for disruption.

So please join us, as we put a dent in this live events industry.

Our Team

Melvin Wong

The Startup Wizard

The creator of LiveKrowd. It has been 15 years since he’s been starting startups and getting them acquired. During his heyday, he was the drummer of Big Grass and Silver Bullet. Occasionally, he plays the acoustic guitar.

Pedro Machado

The Tech Wizard

With 18 years of experience with Orange, Pedro is a great wizard when it comes to handling real-time streaming servers. He eats scalability for breakfast and drinks uptime expresso.

Thomas Chan

The Code Wizard

The precise software developer. Precise as in the one that pays attention to details. He would take the effort to study the entire system requirements to the furthest end that he could to ensure he covers the most what-ifs. A humble coder with a strong passion for turning coding into an art form.

Jonathan Arzel

The B2B Wizard

The B2B Wizard

The avid musician who plays the guitar and is a valuable player in our team. He was a mentor to Young Ambassadors for UNICEF France. Jonathan was the first few who reached out to us wanting to offer his help. And help indeed we got.

Gail Shin

The Talent Wizard

Our talented recruiter who recruits artists from the world over. She knows when to get it done when we need to get it done. Like they said, “when going gets tough, the tough get going.” She's also an avid musician who plays the piano. 

Nicolas Leonel

The Server Wizard

With 13 years of experience in server and network administration in the US and Uruguay, no one rocks the servers better than Nic. This rock star is a Cisco Certified Network Associate and Certified Linux Administrator. Now he is dreaming on cloud-nine AWS servers.

Joe Teoh

The Graphics Wizard

Joe is an all-rounder graphic design volunteer who could cover the A to Z of any graphical work. With over 10 years of experience, if you can name it, you got it!

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